Environmentally friendly office cleaning for London

Eco Friendly Office Cleaning London

Office Revival Cleaning Services care about the environment and try to be as carbon neutral as possible.

Eco friendly offices are much healthier for staff and so office managers and directors are demanding a Green Eco-friendly service to ensure staff attendance production levels do not decrease.

Although the office cleaning industry does not have a huge effect on the environment we believe we should all try to cut down our own carbon footprint.

With this in mind Office Revival went "GREEN".

How does Office Revival deliver a green, environmental friendly cleaning service?

First and foremost we decided to reduce the amount of waste and more importantly chemical waste with immediate effect. We believe that we are now in the very lowest bracket of waste in the UK.

Reducing waste and chemical waste though is simply not enough and so we now have outstanding policies and procedures in place that deal with the following:

Only together can we all help the Earth & our local environment. Start by employing an eco-friendly office cleaning company to make your workspace greener today!

We are Office Revival and our dedication to providing the highest cleaning quality possible whilst maintaining the enviroment will never be shaken!