Office cleaning & maintenance throughout London

Office Cleaning London has become a fine art!

Office cleaning in London has very much changed from what it used to be. The industry has changed for the better and you cannot simply turn up in the city and expect to get work.

How it used to be

In the old days, the proof that cleaning services were being delivered came the next morning, when business came back for a new workday. The test was simple: carpets, lobbies and bathrooms were either cleaned or they weren't. Good contractors were usually small firms that made sure to get the job done right, but none thought to provide their clients with independent performance measures.

That was how it used to be in London Cleaning Services. Nobody had even heard of ECO friendly never mind making this necessary to even consider offering a contract to anybody.

Office Cleaning in London today

In today's marketplace, premium service starts with an extensive bidding process that spells out, often in hundred pages worth of detail, precisely what services are expected, the frequency and manner those services are to be performed, alongside the number of staff required to complete the work. Building facility managers can spend weeks, or longer, developing specifications that anticipate all their needs, and assigning respective responsibilities.

And who can blame them? The last thing an office manager wants to be is surprised. If cleaning office buildings was a simple job in days past, it surely isn't anymore. Today's buildings are more complex than ever before, with materials and building systems that require consistently creative solutions. The era of the mop, bucket and broom business is long gone.

How can a commercial office cleaning business survive today.

The answer to this is quite simple. We employ the very latest ECO friendly techniques & the very latest in high tech equipment to tackle any commercial office cleaning contract. In addition to this we go way beyond the normal call of duty and train all of our staff to the highest levels of health & safety and office security. This means that not only will your office be clean, tidy and spotless but you can be safe in the knowledge their will be no health and safety issues or security suprises arising. Your office is safe with Office Revival.

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